About Us

Within the Central Business District of Abuja is The Statement Hotel. A luxuriously built and tastefully furnished hotel standing head and shoulders above others in the hospitality industry. We take pride in taking giant strides in redefining the hospitality sector. We are The Statement Hotel. We are your ideal one stop destination in Abuja. We offer unrivaled hospitality services at astonishingly give away rates. Our facilities are top notch. A beauty to behold, we radiate glamour on every side. From our exterior to the lounge, meet our excellent and homely receptionists, down to our rooms, you are up for a lifetime treat. Nobody does it better than we do. We have made our mark and thus we have written a bold statement. Our mighty edifice easily makes other hotels in Abuja look like childs play. Our service remains top notch. We have a beautiful blend of African, Latin and contemporary flavors. Our location is in one of the best piece of real estate in West Africa. When conducting business in Abuja, staying at the statement hotel makes a lot of sense.

Behold, the massive edifice housing corporate offices and halls.

Our Services

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La Tavena Latin Restaurant

La Tavena Restaurant is our latin restaurant with a special menu. We servve Chilean food like Chuletas de Cerdo a la Chilena, Mila ...more

Feel relaxed and refreshed

Ruthy Savouy Signature

You can never be hungry at The Statement Hotel. Our restaurant, Ruthy Savour signature will feed you fat. We are experienced in th ...more

Feel relaxed and refreshed

Outdoor Pool

Stay refreshed all day long. Our pool is surrounded by a well laid artificial turf and poolside seats. Your comfort is so importan ...more